Off and running


So, while it’s been too long waiting, we’re finally off and running. The progressive movement will depend on what we accomplish in North Carolina.  What we accomplish in this state may influence decisions and races throughout the country.

The many groups within the movement share common ideals and values, but laws are made by elected representatives. Progressive elected representatives are most likely Democrats in our predominately two-party system.

The caucus is not to divide the party. There is no “progressive” test, no question over who you voted for. You self-identify by joining us and chipping in your $10. To be a voting member of the caucus, you must be a registered Democrat and be current with the annual dues, but we welcome all progressives. We exist to incorporate those aligned with the progressive movement into the larger Democratic Party.

We’re striving to build a coalition of progressives within the Democratic Party to change the conversation and make our voices heard. Our purpose is to grow the party from precinct level and up, train the membership in campaign operations, coordinate resources across the state, and develop candidates for national, state, and local office. We’ll focus on the range of the electoral process from candidate recruitment and campaign training to geting out the vote. Plus, we’ll also serve the traditional role of a caucus where people of similar beliefs can get together in mutual support.

Remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Dave Nelson, President