Privacy policy

In the course of maintaining and managing membership lists and providing various services to our members, the Progressive Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party (further referred to as PC-NCPD) stores some personal user data such as name, and contact information in databases.

We hereby affirm that we will not sell or give away this information to any third parties for any purpose, unless compelled by law to do so. Database access is always authenticated and gated for specific trusted users only, and we do our best to securely store the information (for example by providing for TLS encrypted connections to our web services). Your privacy is important to us and we will do our best to ensure security of your data.

PC-NCDP may use data stored in membership databases for tracking meeting attendence for required meetings for board members, tracking due payments and donations, and to send e-mails notifying members of scheduled meetings and events or other information important to PC-NCDP and its members.